The Friends of Trinity PTA is the registered charity raising funds for Trinity Road Primary School to buy equipment and services that enhance the children’s learning experience and benefit them socially and culturally.

Our three core mandates are:

  • We aim to make the children’s Primary School experience as special as possible.
  • We help to nurture a closer relationship between parents and the school.
  • We help to maintain strong links between the school and the local community.

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Donating with PayPal

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PayPal is one of the UK’s most trusted online payment systems and they offer a free Donate button for charities like us, so people like you can make quick & easy donations anytime.

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What we fund

The money we raise is split each year between  funding our wonderful events, supporting school activities, great in-school offers from supportive partners, and the end-of-year trip for Year 6 pupils.

Some of the school activities we support include Science Week, where we were able to provide extra supplies for the children’s experiments. We also help fund the 50 nights learning rewards, where children’s dedication to reading at home is rewarded with a book.

Our main goal for 2018-19 academic year is to raise enough money to replace the HMS Trinity boat in the playground. We are working with the School leaders and the School Council to choose a wonderful new imaginative play design for the playground, that the children will enjoy for years to come. 



Your PTA is supported by ParentKind

Since 2008, the Friends of Trinity has sourced insurance and advice from ParentKind, the leading membership organisation for parent teacher associations in England. With the help of ParentKind, all our events are covered with public liability insurance, and they offer advice for parents, regular newsletters, useful resources on running a PTA, great ideas on PTA fundraisers, and …